About us

It all started with an idea...

The idea for ConstructionTradesMarketplace.com was born from the need to sell some excess inventory and some new and used equipment due to the sale of Mechanical Air Service, Inc. after 44 years.

In 1976, Russ Donnici founded Mechanical Air Service, Inc. and operated it for 40 years before retiring and transferring his stock to his two children. They had each had worked in the business for over 15 years.

Four years later for a variety of reasons and some medical issues, the 2nd generation owners decided to sell the business. The contracts, client base and some assets were sold to a competitor.

What remained

Was an accumulation of excess inventory as well as some new and used equipment to sell. What we found out was there was no effective way to do this. No websites were setup to handle these types of items for trades people. We could have sold most of it to a surplus dealer for a few cents on the dollar, however, we never considered it a viable option.

ConstructionTradesMarketplace.com is

An easy to use and easy to navigate website to locate new, used and excess inventory items for the HVACR and Construction trades. It’s the only marketplace of its kind for trades people to sell or buy items specific to their trade and needs, all at a reasonable cost. If you have any suggestions or comments regarding the Site, please email them to Russ@ConstructionTradesMarketplace.com.

ConstructionTradesMarketplace.com is a division of Indoor Air Diagnostics, Inc., an environmental/mechanical consulting business Russ started in 1990.

Russ and Matt have teamed up again to provide a real solution to a real problem by two individuals with a combined 75 years of HVAC and Construction Trades experience.